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RUŠ method

Everything that we struggle with in our life has a cause. Once we are able to process this cause, it will not trouble us anymore.

A harmonious life filled with happiness and energy. That is how practically everyone pictures their life. But we often encounter obstacles that make it difficult for us to be happy. We keep our problems bottled up inside until we decide to change something.

Almost everything that we struggle with in our lives has a cause in our childhood.
That is precisely when we were thrown off our balance. This balance needs to be restored by processing the issue that manifests itself in our current state of mind.
By dealing with it, you will find peace and balance again.

Since we have become so accustomed to our current situation, it can be difficult to see the bigger picture, which is why it is great to have someone from the outside who can help us deal with these obstacles by asking targeted QUESTIONS to process our issues.

If you have decided to process the issues that are WEIGHING ON YOU, I will guide you to achieve your goals using the RUŠ method, which is a fast, effecient, and gentle way of dealing with problems in life.

When working with people, the results can be different, just like people themselves. What these results have in common, however, is the feeling of relaxation, lightness, relief, calm, balance, but also being able to see the bigger picture and become aware of the causes of problems that we no longer need to keep going through.

About me


Ever since I was a child, I have been experiencing something I call “PLAYING IMAGINARY MOVIES”.
My first memory of this comes from the age of five. There was a very unpleasant shop assistant in a grocery store and suddenly a movie started playing in my head: She is getting ready for work, her children are acting up, she is annoyed with her husband for holding her up, worried about being late for work. When my mother asked her how she was doing, she told her the same thing I saw in my imaginary movie.

Over time, I have come to accept these imaginary movies as a natural part of my understanding of the world and the people in it. It never occurred to me that, thanks to a coincidence, I would get to know the RUŠ method, which would turn this gift into my calling.


In search of a meaning

Since I was a child, I have asked about the meaning and reason for doing what I was supposed to do and what it was all for. This made people feel uncomfortable and, as a result, I stopped asking them, but continued to ask myself. Gradually, everything started to lose its meaning - family, friends, school and, later, work.

This finally led to my two-year withdrawal from the world, staying at home, watching videos about personal growth and soaking up information which (finally) started making sense to me. I spent time in the countryside, I engaged in sports.

In theory, everything was coming together, however, I was not able to use any of what I had learned in practice. I realized it was time to step back and see the bigger picture, to approach everything I was experiencing more objectively.

The bigger picture

I travelled to Australia, Japan, Germany, Italy and finally started working on projects I enjoyed. I gathered a lot of new experience, I was learning English, Italian, German, and making new friends. However, despite cultural, lingual and other barriers, I seemed to attract the same kind of people abroad, who reflected the same sort of things which I was going through in the Czech Republic. I also had countless dreams about my family and childhood experience, not knowing why I was supposed to focus my attention on these things.

The understanding of all that came when I came back from Italy and there was nothing to provide stability – a boyfriend, accommodation, work. I felt completely lost. It was not until that moment, that I decided to seek help which I had never thought I needed, since: “Nobody knew me better than myself, so nobody could help me better than myself.”

The RUŠ method therapy

RUŠ therapy brought me enormous relief, peace, and, eventually, the resolution of this really complicated situation. During the therapy, I realized all the misconceptions I had. The most important thing for me was the idea that "THE THINGS THAT BOTHER ME ARE MY PROBLEM". Once you know it is your problem, you know it is up to you to do something about it.

From then on, I started focusing on myself and stopped pointing fingers at those who had done me wrong. Instead, I started asking myself questions like – Which thought was it? When did I first think it? Which childhood memory was behind it? To put it simply, I started looking for the causes of what was happening to me. My world has changed at a lot since then. It almost seems too good to be true, but it is real!

A sense of purpose

This method has become my calling. Instead of looking for a job, I set up my own company. My ex-boyfriend helped me in all he could. I have harmonious relationships with people and I am living the life I have always dreamed of.

What is more, I can use my greatest gift - intuition – “playing imaginary movies”. The RUŠ method goes deep under the surface of things, the way I had always needed to. All the experience I have gained over the years has transformed into something greater, more efficient, thanks to which I am able to guide people towards happiness, which is what gives me the greatest sense of purpose in life.

There is no point in waiting

It is no wonder that, since I discovered such a powerful and efficient tool, my life revolves largely around the RUŠ method, which is constantly improving my everyday experience and brings peace, clarity and a desire to keep reinventing life. Just knowing that the things I dont like about my life all have a reason which I can work with to understand the whole situation better and change it, is so amazing that there is simply no point in waiting. We can decide this very moment to live the life we want and just be HAPPY.


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